Current trends in the global demand for metal reveal the importance of scrap metal recycling from a supply perspective, and ultimately pricing.  At the latest LME (London Metal Exchange) Asia Week 2017 panelists discussed that with emissions targets now being enforced more rigidly in China that the economy will not go through the super growth cycle for metals experienced in the last 20 years. 

Zyu Yi of Bloomberg Market Intelligence believes that scrap metal recycling in China is likely to move from its current 13% utlisiation of scrap metal to 20% or more, in the short term.

John Johnson, from the London-based CRU International Ltd. Advised that the steel sector I the United States relied on ferrous scrap for aobut 60% of its feedstock, and China’s steelmakers are likely to ramp up their usage as scrap generation increases within China’s borders.

Recycal take an active interest in global trends, and visit and attend the key major conference and symposiums around the world, to ensure it is the forefront of industry insights and thinking on how best to service its scrap metal clients.

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