The Recycling revolution continues to gain momentum in the community with the new ABC program, ‘War on Waste’ seeking to influence public opinion on the problems the country faces with landfill, and using materials, particularly plastic bags, that fail to break down and which increasingly end up in waterways and landfill.  ABC presenter, Craig Reucassel, has in the series highlighted the lack of uniformity in laws across the states with commitments to recycling by tackling politicians and addressing the inconsistencies and their failure to act with legislation.  Where waste goes has also been investigated with ‘digital trackers’ being used to follow the path of waste material both here in Australia and overseas into China.  The commitment of corporates to recycling is also being raised and there is little doubt that the political movement behind ‘recycling’ is set to become a more mainstream issue in the community.

Visits to landfill sites by the ABC production team in Queensland, where currently there are no levies for burying waste revealed the extent of the problem.  So many recycled items include steel fencing, aluminium cans, and vents were shown going into landfill. Increasingly burying waste in a hole, that is a resource, is just not a solution.  The producers of ‘War on Waste’ believe that there are 8 million tonnes of waste going into landfill each year in Australia.

Recycal are a company that is committed through its national structure to scrap metal recycling with e-waste, Mobile Phones, Batteries, Aluminium, and Copper being key areas where we look to solve solutions for our customers from the general population right through to large corporate customers.

Companies need to look at their waste areas and understand that they have a social responsibility as well as an opportunity to recycle for profit, and contribute to an improved environment for all Australians.

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