The challenges of managing recycling are becoming very apparent in regional communities. In Western Australia the Plantagenet Shire recently shut down their recycling transfer stations. Citing soaring transport costs and a slump in prices received for recyclable commodities the council is looking to join with two other councils, at Denmark and Albany, to create a shared 24 hectare waste facility on adjacent Crown Land.

Currently all recyclables collected in regional WA are transported to Perth for processing.

Smaller regional areas are battling the costs of handling waste and this is becoming one of the biggest costs faced by local government instrumentalities.

The cost of treating waste continues to escalate and according to the Plantagenet council the community is becoming more interested in where the waste is going, but the cost of treating it properly requires investment and expertise.

Recycal is a scrap metal recycling specialist with a national focus. Their management can assist in helping solve a range of issues with respect to recycling of Steel, Aluminium and indeed all scrap metals. With a successful track record they are long-term players, who have managed the problems of volatile commodity prices and uncertain market conditions.

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