America Recycles Day was an outstanding success, sparking thousands of recycling drives and special community projects.  Last year over 2 million people participated in the event resulting in the collection of 56 million pounds of recyclables.

Held on November 15th, the ‘White House’, supported this year’s event.  A presidential message highlighted the tremendous progress made over the last 50 years in recycling rates. Preliminary reports suggest increasing engagement with many communities developing new and festive ways to celebrate ‘America Recycles Day’. In Knoxville a local beer distributor, Sierra Nevada Brewing provided an initiative that if you dropped off your spare glass for recycling and bought a pint of beer, they provided a free one

In the US, recycling supports more than 534,000 jobs across the country. The Institute of Recycling Industries believes the industry generates over $117 billion in economic activity every year. The Institute reports that US scrap recyclers process 130 million tonnes of material each year.

Every year domestically recycled aluminium cans generate the equivalent of 26 million barrels of gasoline. This represents America’s entire gas supply for three full days.

“Thirty years after we launched our steel recycling efforts, the steel industry is recycling three-quarters of the steel coming from the packaging market’, comments Thomas Gibson, President and CEO of the American Iron and Steel Institute. He also observed that the US recycles nearly 100% of end-of –life vehicles, and more than 90% of steel from infrastructure, appliances and construction.

Recycal, and its associated companies, are committed to helping their customers recycle efficiently and effectively. The company works closely with local, state and federal government to promote recycling.  With an inventory of more than 10,000 bins nationally, ranging in size from 1m3 to 38m3, Recycal can service your business for all aspects of metal and scrap recycling.


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