Global car production will increase by over 13% in 2019. Globally Statista  market analysts estimate that 80 million cars will be produced this year. This compares with 70.5 million in 2018. The  world ranking of car producers is headed by Toyota with 9 million vehicles, followed by Volkswagen with 7 million.

Electric car sales continue to increase globally with 1.26 million vehicles sold last year.  US-based automotive intelligence firm Jato estimates that this is an increase of more than 70% on 2017 figures.  Furthermore, there are now 5.6 million electric cars on the world’s roads.

e-cars in Australia

The e-car segment was a hot topic in Australia during the recent election campaign. Politicians have been making all sorts of predictions about the likely production of electric cars in the next decade.  In the next ten years Toyota  plans to invest $13.5 billion world-wide in the electric car segment.

As a result of the growth in electric car sales we can expect to see a lot more discussion about car battery recycling. In previous articles we have explored UK sales trends.  Currently one in 12 cars purchased in the UK is electric.  Consequently the UK government is under pressure to expand domestic car battery recycling facilities.

In Australia the Recycal group of companies has made a major commitment to battery recycling with the establishment of specialist recycling company ‘ecobatt’.  As a result, a new multi million-dollar facility is under construction at Campbell field in Victoria. This new plant will have an automatic sorting system and processing operation, that will efficiently recycle all types of batteries. In addition to the new plant, Recycal has developed a  national collection system that is flexible, effective and safe.

The Recycal group has already invested over one million dollars in collection bins, cabinets and containers to ensure safe collection of all types of batteries.

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