Recycling scheme in NSW becomes a reality

Despite a number of delays the New South Wales State Government has released details of their new deposit scheme, which will begin on December 1st.   Environment minister, Gabrielle Upton announced details that 800 reverse vending machines would be rolled out across the state, providing customers with a 10-cent refund in exchange for bottles and cans.

Most empty 150 millilitre to 3 litre beverage containers will be eligible for a refund, which will be provided in the form of a retain voucher or can be donated to local charities or community groups. If customers prefer cash, they can take the containers to one of 500 collection points instead.

The reverse vending machine will take PET bottles, HDPE, Glass bottles, Aluminium cans, steel and Liquid paperboard.

The new recycling scheme is the biggest anti-litter initiative in the state’s history and should make a major contribution to the ‘War on Waste’ with drink containers almost 50% of the litter that is found in the community

Recycal’s NSW operation at St Mary’s is acutely aware of the importance of these programs and the impact they can have on landfill and other environmental programs.  Paying ‘Cash for Scrap’ for these aluminium cans is a core competency of the company, as is its ability to work with the local community and a range of small, medium and large Australian companies, to assist in all aspects of recycling, from basic scrap metal recycling, to large scale transformer dismantling and everything in between.


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