Ford UK Launch Cash back scheme for pre-2010 cars

Following government legislation in the UK in 2005 and the eventual take back and destruction of over 240,000 vehicles and the payment of E520 million euros in scrappage incentives, Ford UK has launched a new scheme for cars built before 2010., Ford’s scrap car recycling partner will work together with Ford dealerships to ensure that vehicles recycled with them under the scheme are disposed of in an environmentally manner and the legal paperwork requirements are dealt with efficiently.   ‘CarTakeBack’ has recycled over 900,000 Ford cars to this point and diverted over 600,000 tonnes of materials from scrap cars ending up in landfill.

Given Australia’s love affair with cars, an emerging urban lifestyle and the war on waste Recycal wonders how long before a similar scheme comes to Australia. With over 18 million registered cars on the road, and a trend to update regularly, Recycal already has an established niche as a specialist scrap metal recycler, where old motor cars, old   motor bikes and de-registered vehicles are recycled in each of our plants.

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