e-scrap growth market set to continue

E-scrap growth is only now starting to be recognised with the value of e-scrap globally projected to grow at about 23% per year.   The market is expected to reach more than US$76billion by 2022.

Recycling exchange programs

More manufacturers of mobile devices  are offering direct recycling-exchange programs. The importance and future of the industry is now assured. The challenge is that e-scarp starts out mixed with other materials, so e-scrap value depends on disassembly labour, material separation, and downstream efficiency.

Recycal continues to develop its e-waste business and understands the importance of disassembly of old computers and other nonworking equipment.  The removal of drivers and power supplies from a chassis, and separating integrated circuits and other components from circuit boards, can greatly improve the efficiency of recycling operations.

Car Industry changes

With changes in the car industry Recycal predicts strong growth for hybrid and electric vehicles as well as more interest in sustainability programs from manufacturers. In existing car technology, spent catalytic converters, that depend on precious metal catalysts, are already heavily targeted for recycling. Lithium –ion batteries and circuitry on electric vehicles are other major sources of recycling opportunity.

Recycal has an experienced e-waste management team.  In conjunction with its sister company CMA Ecocycle work together to handle and process Aluminium, Copper, Stainless Steel and Zinc, recovering the valuable metals for recycling and reuse. The group is committed to continue investment to ensure it stays a leader in this emerging Australian marketplace.



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