New partnerships in Recycling are very much the trend in Europe. Most noteworthy of recent times is  Recycling tech company Umincorp joining forces with waste management provider Milieu Service Nederland to create a ‘recycling hub’.  The new scrap recycling plant is located at the Port of Amsterdam. Initially it will process 17,000 tonnes of Dutch post-consumer plastics each year. Construction of the new facility started on December 17th. The new site will rely on magnetic density separation (MDS) technology.  For the reason that the Port site has the space for expansion it seems like an ideal location. One of the world’s foremost furniture suppliers, Ikea, are expected to invest in the new venture.

Near Perfect Purity

Certainly, the new process involves the collected plastics being washed, shredded and routed through a magnetic bath.  With a purity of 99% the new MDS patented process will be able to separate different types of plastic.  As a result the purity of these sorted plastics will allow the manufacture of new high quality packaging materials .

Furthermore, Umincorp believe this new process represents a technological breakthrough in sustainable plastics recycling. R&D specialists at Delft University of Technology originally developed the sorting solution because they could see the recycling potential.  Most noteworthy the  new process saves up to 90% of CO2 and reduces up to 75% of costs in the supply chain, in  contrast to the old technology.

According to Roon van Mannen, Director Circular & Renewable Industry at the Port of Amsterdam, “Any recyclable plastics will be transformed into raw materials for new plastics”.  Integrated Green Energy Solutions will process the non-recyclable plastics into transport fuel and they are also located at the Port.

Recycal are exploring new ways of recycling.  Recycal, and its sister companies, are major innovators and investors  in recycling.  Most noteworthy, the company works closely with local, state and federal governments to promote recycling. Above all the company has a focused approach to helping its customers solve their recycling problems.


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