The Recycling specialist Wastecare has acquired the East Kent High Temperature Incinerator from Augean for US$4.5 million. The East Kent facility can process up to 10,000 tonnes of waste per year. Wastecare has already taken over the operations at the facility. The key attraction of the purchase for Wastcare is the high temperature incineration or ‘vanguard technology’.   Interestingly, the ‘vanguard’ incineration technology for the secure disposal of difficult wastes achieves total destruction of the waste.  This makes it the ideal technology for the pharmaceutical, chemical research, border control and medical sectors.

Losses made in 2017 and 2018

First of all the incinerator business, owned by Augean has recorded two years of losses.  Even more, the closure of the plant would cost over 600,000 pounds.  Recycling specialist Wastecare’s interest came at a good time for the East Kent plant and staff,  with the final payment on the contract due in May.

Furthermore, Wastecare chairman Peter Hunt, believes the acquisition complements other investments the company has made.  Consequently, Wastecare are looking to provide a national recycling service for collecting and recycling hazardous and speciality wastes. As a result the company is looking to service over 35,000 organisations throughout the UK.

Above all this sale is just one example of a number of specialist waste management companies looking to  expand  and consolidate their expertise and technology.

‘Vanguard’ technology is now being used more extensively in Australia.  Victoria and Western Australia have two new incinerators approved for use.  Recycal, the groups major metal recycling arm, has a close connection with this technology.   The company recycles the ash produced by the incinerators.

Above all the Recycal group of companies controlled by the Rowe family has embarked on a major upgrade of their facilities nationally. Almost certainly the metal recycling group is looking to expand its operations nationally into batteries and hazardous materials.  Two new companies;  ‘Envirobat’ and ‘Ewaste Recycling Australia’ will be fully operational in 2019/20.


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